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Success Stories







Kassie Wheeler:  daughter, sister, mother, Christian, college educated, Native American, computer whiz, volunteer, client, lover of animals and children.  Kassie grew up on a reservation without the unconditional love of her mother, and yet Kassie lovingly raised an amazing daughter who graduated with a 4.0 and obtained scholarships to a university and is now completing her Masters in Switzerland on a scholarship as well.  Kassie’s daughter knows unconditional love!  Kassie was a client of New Hope during the 2014 windstorm and she lost everything along with many other people in the Riverside Village Mobile Home Park.  Kassie also gives back and has volunteered at North County Food Pantry cooking delicious meals and solving computer problems, and now volunteers for New Hope on the client services committee, solving computer problems, and volunteered to head up our biggest fundraiser, the 2018 July summer concert/auction.  Kassie does all this while battling anxiety and self-doubt.  These all describe Kassie but not fully.  When you spend time with Kassie and look into her beautiful brown eyes, you will find a person who loves Christ and takes his examples of love and acceptance as a mantra on how to live her life.  Share your life and troubles with Kassie and she will accept and love you for you, flaws and all. Kassie is such a pretty, smart, hard working person but I most admire her for following Christ’s overwhelming examples of love and acceptance.  I can only imagine a world full of loving, accepting people – what a beautiful world that would be!



Over the weekend, while exploring the offerings at the Stonehorse Community yard sale, I had the opportunity to visit with people at their sale sites.  When people learned I was looking for items for New Hope clients, they were happy to donate.   We received flatware, lamps and kitchen ware.  One lady went into her store room and provided food for the North County Food Pantry.  I was amazed and pleased by the generosity I experienced.  Once again, it was a gentle reminder that it takes a village to make a difference.  Thanks to all that donated, and to all of you that continue to support New Hope.


A young woman came to New Hope to talk with the Director.  During her interview, she mentioned she had a job interview that very same day, but she didn’t have anything to wear for the interview.


She was directed to talk with volunteers in the clothing bank.  Because of her small stature, she had difficulty finding clothing that fit.  The volunteers were able to help her locate clothing in items that had been set aside for delivery to a consignment site.  The young lady found capris and a nice dressy blouse that had just been washed and pressed by a volunteer.  She also found dress sandals and a purse that matched her new outfit.


A bonus for her was a dresser that had just been found and delivered by another volunteer.  New Hope does not normally take furniture, but in this case, it was too good to pass up.  The client was happy to be able to be able to take it home.


It sometimes takes a small army to help one person, as five people were involved in helping this one young lady.  It could not have been done without God’s help.  The client left a message about five days later telling us she got the job!