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Current Needs:​​​


  • Body wash

  • Razors

  • Dental floss

  • Women's deodorant

  • Liquid hand soap

  • Conditioner

  • Cotton balls

  • Liquid dish soap

  • Dryer sheets

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It is so glorious to see the sun shining with such warm temperatures at the end of winter. It is a promise that spring is right around the corner.

Many of our clients dread winter knowing that heating costs will go up. For them, there will be no escaping to Hawaii or Arizona in the search for warmer temperatures. The warmer weather brings them hope that soon heating bills will go down and money can be spent on other needs.

There are many reasons that families come to see us at New Hope. Recently there have been an overwhelming number of people with medical issues. We helped a gentleman in his late 40’s who had a series of strokes leaving him unable to work for three months. A mother of three boys came in for help with her electricity after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. She underwent surgery and was unable to work for four months. Another mother of two children came in for help with her rent. She was in an accident a year ago and was severely injured. She has been on disability for a year and has been struggling to makes ends meet each month. For all three of these individuals it was very difficult to come in to ask for help. They have been taking care of their families all their lives and it is embarrassing for them to be in this position.

We strive to make New Hope a welcoming place for people to come when they are in need. We make it as comfortable as possible by offering baked goods and coffee when people come in for help. They are greeted with a smile and are treated with dignity.

Your donation provides help to ease the stress when people are struggling. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Janeen Leachman

News from the Food Pantry

April 2020

 Changes to routine are the new normal in response to the coronavirus crisis.  Never was that more apparent than on Monday, March 16 at the North County Food Pantry. With recommendations from Second Harvest and guidelines from state and federal agencies, the Pantry adjusted their operations to protect the health of both clients and volunteers. The results were most encouraging.  Volunteers came in early to pack food boxes for small, medium and large families.  Greeters welcomed clients outside the building, advising them of the new routine.  Clients pulled their cars up to the warehouse doors and volunteers loaded food directly into vehicles. The sun was shining and neighbors greeted neighbors in the parking lot as everyone waited patiently for emergency food supplies.  47 families were served by more than 15 volunteers that day.  While Pantry volunteers were sorry clients couldn’t come into the building to enjoy a hot meal or a cup of coffee and good conversation, staff was able to meet the needs of those in our community who are most vulnerable to disruptions like this. Be assured that when it is safe, the North County Food Pantry will return to normal operations.  That means clients will again be able to “shop” for food items their families will most enjoy, and enter the building that is known as “the gathering place” in our community. Thank you for your patience during this time of uncertainty.

New Hope loves donations!  Many donations are left after hours.  If you are leaving donations after hours please make sure they are under our roof or under the youth house deck roof.  If they are out in the rain and snow it will ruin many of the donations.