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Current Needs:


  • Basket Supplies for Easter

  1. Individually wrapped candy​

  2. Play Doh

  3. Bubbles

  4. Books--pre and early teens

We do not need grass or plastic eggs.​

We need this by March 18th​

Thank you!



  • Volunteers for the clothing bank

Tuesday 11:30 to 1:30

Thursday 11:30-1:30

(Click on the button and download the volunteer application!)  ​

Thanks for your faithful giving to help our clients!

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We love your donations, but we would appreciate it if they are clean so our volunteers are able to make them available to our clients immediately.  Thank you so much.

We are no longer open on Wednesday evening.

Check out why you should volunteer as a senior, then go to our volunteer page to see how you can volunteer at New Hope.

Read:  Why you should Volunteer

News from the Food Pantry  March 2021

Through a generous donation from Safeway and their customers, gift cards are being distributed to North County Food Pantry clients. Families of 1-6 are eligible for a $50 gift card, and families of 7 or more can receive cards for $100.  Distribution of the cards began in mid-February and will continue while supplies last.  We will limit gift cards to one per family unit to maximize the number of neighbors who will benefit from this unexpected and much appreciated gift!

Have you noticed that household items and clothing are on display and available for FREE at the Pantry? This is a new service we are happy to provide to our community. Stop by to discover a new treasure as we support efforts to recycle, re-purpose and re-use.

If you are looking for community service opportunities, the Pantry can put you to work! We encourage students, church groups, civic organizations or those needing to satisfy court mandated community service requirements to contact us. Call Sandy during regular operating hours or leave a message at 292-2530.

Several months ago, we asked readers of the Elk Sentinel for donations of toiletries. Your response has been beyond our wildest expectations.  We have been able to provide clients with shampoo, soap, body wash, toothpaste and toothbrushes, deodorant, and shaving supplies. While most of us would consider these items necessities, they are often luxuries for families who are struggling financially.

The list of those we wish to thank for their support of the North County Food Pantry is long, but we are sincerely grateful to…

·         The local ranch family that donated 120 one-pound packages of ground beef, processed by an USDA approved butcher.  This donation is greatly appreciated.

·         The husband-and-wife computer experts who frequently answer our calls for technical assistance. They recently spent hours re-building one of our computers that had been compromised.

·         The volunteers from Country Church of the Open Bible who have plowed our parking lot this winter.

·         The parishioners of St. Joseph and St. Aloysius Churches for designating the Pantry as the recipient of their Lenten Food Drive.

·         To our clients who have shown flexibility as we have had to change how food is distributed during this pandemic. We ALL look forward to meeting face-to-face when safe to do so!

·         To those who made cash contributions to the Pantry in 2020, allowing us to purchase needed equipment, supplies, and food at greatly reduced prices. (If you have NOT received a receipt of your contribution for tax purposes, please contact us at 292-2530.)

New Hope loves donations!  Many donations are left after hours.  If you are leaving donations after hours please make sure they are under our roof or under the youth house deck roof.  If they are out in the rain and snow it will ruin many of the donations.  

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