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History of New Hope

Aldene Bentz, the director of North County Food Pantry, with the vision of providing more assistance than food, requests and receives a name change from  Elk Washington Community and Historical Preservation Society to New Hope Resource Center (NHRC).


November 2001
Susan Russell presents ideas/needs to small group of church representatives including:
Colbert Presbyterian, St Joseph Parish, Northview Bible Church, and Mead United Methodist Church because Caritas is having difficulty serving the Mead, Colbert, Elk, Chattaroy area.


January 2002
Aldene Bentz shares her hope that New Hope Resource Center will become a community or crisis center.


February 2002
North Spokane Community Outreach Project (NSCOP) decides it will focus on Mead and Riverside School districts.


June 2002
NSCOP is given permission to come under the non-profit umbrella of Colbert Presbyterian.


October 2002
Aldene Bentz feels that NHRC and NSCOP have the same vision for North County residents and makes a motion that NHRC becomes the parent organization for NSCOP.  Motion is passed and NSCOP starts being referred to as NHRC.  Office space is to be located at Mead United Methodist Church..


January 2003
Office space is to be located as Colbert Presbyterian due to the fact that it is more centrally located.


March 2003
Basic policies established and job description written for Executive Director.


April 2003
Spokane County Community Development Block Grant is awarded.


May 2003
Janeen Leachman hired as Executive Director with the goal of treating others respectfully and providing assistance in a loving, non-judgmental atmosphere.


July 15, 2003
New Hope Resource Center opens for clients in one end of a double-wide trailer on Colbert Presbyterian property Colbert Presbyterian Church and Christian Life Center signs on as sponsors.


October 2003-December 2003
By-laws established.


March 2004
Articles of Incorporation filed.


December 5, 2004
First Christmas Open House.


May 2006
Kanoa Rental Assistance Fund received.


Need for bigger space becomes apparent and plans formulated for a new building to be built on Colbert Presbyterian property.


March 2009
Moved into the current building, financed by Colbert Presbyterian Church.


13 board members meet monthly to consider challenges presented by NCFP and NHRC.  Spokane County Community Development Block Grant, seventeen churches and multitudes of community folks contribute in some way to sustaining this work.

June 2020

Jeanna Swanson was hired as the Executive Director.

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