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Job Descriptions



  • Shall be elected from the Board of Directors

  • Shall preside over all meetings of the Board and shall call special meetings when she shall deem them necessary

  • Shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee

  • Shall perform all other duties normally pertaining to his/her office

  • Shall be a signatory for NHRC and NCFP



  • Shall be elected from the Board of Directors

  • Shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President




  • Shall be elected from the Board of Directors

  • Shall keep a proper record of meetings of the Board

  • Shall maintain the official copy of the Bylaws and Procedures Manual

  • Shall maintain a recap of all policies and procedures adopted by the Board along with motions necessary to the operations



  • Shall be elected from the Board of Directors

  • Shall work closely with both the director of the Resource Center and the North County Food Pantry and adhere to all current and future financial policies approved by the New Hope Board of Directors

  • Shall provide information and recommendations to the Board for its policy and operational decisions and for budgeting and long-term financial planning

  • Shall report to the Board monthly (and as requested) with information and recommendations needed for board awareness, decision-making and planning related to the NHRC/NCFP financial operations, performance, budget variances and key issues pertaining to financial matters.

  • Shall each year beginning in the month of April work with the directors of the Resource Center and North   County Food pantry to prepare a budget for the next fiscal year beginning July 1, for presentation and adoption during the regularly scheduled June board meeting.

  • Shall review and sign 990 form prepared by bookkeeper

  • Shall be a signatory for NHRC and NCFP


Bookkeeper :      

  • Need not be a member of the Board of Directors

  • Shall submit all paperwork required of a volunteer including security check

  • Shall post transactions and reconcile bank accounts to NHRC QuickBooks on a weekly basis

  • Shall post transactions and reconcile bank accounts to NCFP QuickBooks on a monthly basis

  • Shall generate such reports as necessary to inform the Treasurer and the Board of Directors of current bank balances and available funds

  • Shall calculate salary checks for Executive Director

  • Shall pay quarterly state and federal fees

  • Shall calculate year-end 990 and submit to Treasurer for approval and signature

  • Shall conduct day-to-day business transactions as necessary within NHRC policies requiring separation of duties for certain financial transactions

  • Shall recommend to the Board any modifications to financial policy or variations to the budget as required during the fiscal year

  • Shall file documents related to taxes and employment required of NHRC by local, state, and federal authorities.   

  • Shall assist Board and the Director on financial planning, budgeting, reporting, and projects assigned.


Immediate Past President:

  • Shall be an ex-officio advisor on the Board and Executive Committee




Client Service Representative:

The client service representative may be the only liaison between New Hope Resource Center and their church or they may share the responsibility with the board member from their participating church.  Client service representative meetings are held on the third Tuesdays of each month from 6pm to 7pm.  Meetings center around events that serve our clients and you may participate in these events if you desire.  These events include distribution of coats, Easter baskets, school supplies, and Christmas gifts.


You will share information between your church and New Hope on how we can best work together to serve those in need in our community.

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