New Hope Resource Center

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM,
call us if you need an evening appointment.
We will be closed December 26th and December 28th.


Chore Assistance Programs

The New Hope Resource Center offers the Chore Assistance program in order to provide seniors and disabled individuals within our community with help performing various chores throughout their home. We provide assistance with:
- Carpentry (basic home repairs)
- Plumbing repairs
- Electrical repairs
- Snow removal
- Respite care
- Transportation to medical appointments and errands
- Housework
- Yard work

Maintenance repairs and transportation
Financial assistance

for rent, housing expenses, utilities and heating fuel at the household primary residence when financial emergency occurs.


...assistance for those in need of food.

Gas vouchers

...provided to clients without funds to purchase fuel for their primary vehicle. Auto repairs for sole source of transportation.

Holiday assistance

...necessities, school supplies, medical vouchers.

Easter baskets

Your donation can make a big difference today!